Our History

Main Harbor Pumps & Well Drilling offers expert water well services for more than 25 years

After being in the area for so many years, Main Harbor has become a household name.

Main Harbor has been owned and operated by Michael Lien since 1997. But, he has been affiliated with Main Harbor since the 1970's when his father ran it as a Plumbing, Heating & Pump business. Working after school and during the summer, Michael has many years of experience in the pump industry.

After buying Main Harbor from his father in 1997, Michael decided to follow his passion of the well industry, and started drilling water wells. Michael has since designed many water systems, and has worked alongside with local Engineers.

In addition to being a licensed Water Well Contractor in the State of Montana, he is now serving on the Board of Directors for the Montana Water Well Drilling Association. Michael has also been a Certified Operator for Water and Wastewater Operators in Montana since 1998.


Main Harbor Pumps, "Thank you for your prompt, good work. It was great to be back "in water" so quickly, and I appreciated your advice and expertise in dealing with the issues we had here." Sincerely, Another Satisfied Customer Main Harbor,

"We really appreciate the quality work and timeliness of our new water system. Come by sometime and share a glass of water the next time your in the area." Thanks, Chris

Dear Main Harbor, "I am so grateful the pump is in place because the drought is rather frightening. I enjoyed the talk we had as it makes me comfortable knowing the type of people you are & I respect your work ethics." Sincerely, Marlene